A TEDx Talk is a unique opportunity to spread your idea all over the world. With millions of people watching TEDx talks daily, it’s a dream of many people to give the talk of their lifre on a TEDx stage. Well guess what? On June 20th 2016 we will give 15 people a chance to make that happen!

The TEDxEde 2016 Audition Event offers you the chance to earn a spot on the official TEDxEde 2016 stage on October 27th, 2016. The contestants in the Audition Event are expected to pitch their idea in 4 minutes maximum. The TEDxEde audience jury will vote on which 1 of the 15 pitches is chosen to present at the TEDxEde 2016.

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Transformation in the Valley


Change is happening everywhere affecting everyone in organizations, governments and in the context of our private lives. Change requires people, organizations, governments and regions to adapt and startups and young people challenge existing rules and business models.

TEDxEde 2016 is proud to provide a stage for Ideas Worth Spreading, from within the region as well as outside the region on the 27th of October 2016 around the Theme: Transformation in the Valley.

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TEDxEde 2015 Talks Live

We are proud and happy that we can announce that the TEDxEde Talks have been uploaded on our website. Can't you wait to experience TEDxEde once again? Then move on quickly and enjoy the 2015 Talks once again.

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