At TEDxEde 2014, Jaap Korteweg spoke about being a vegetarian butcher. In his talk he told us about his life, his dreams and the necessity for a vegetarian butcher. While doing so he also released balloons, brought up some confronting facts and made us hungry for his product. We asked him to look back at his talk and tell us which impact it had on him. Jaap told us that he “was quite taken with  the concept behind TED”. A couple of years ago TEDxAmsterdam approached him to give a TED talk. But due to not enough preparation time he had to pass up on it and was quite happy for another opportunity. His goal with his TED talk was to gain international exposure for his product and mission. He went on stage quite nervous but succeeded! He got responses from all over the world and was invited to tell the same story in Germany. 

It helped me achieve my dream a bit more
— Jaap Korteweg

The vegetarian butcher is also very successful in his own country. Just recently Jaap won the title for: best entrepreneur  of the Netherlands 2015. In response to his success he told us: ‘if you want to be big and successful then you need high ambitions’. The vegetarian butcher is still expanding. At the moment they are exploring possibilities for soups and meals in supermarkets and distributing their products in China. Jaap believes his enthusiasm and professionalism is the key to his business success: ‘you can not force progress’. The risks that Jaap took over the last couple of years seem to be worth it and his dream is getting closer to reality step by step. Curious about his dream? Watch his TEDxEde 2014 talk. 

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