What an evening we had! With not just one, but with two amazing winners we can say that the first TEDxEde Open Stage was a huge success. Just a couple of months ago we thought about organizing an Open Stage to give everyone a chance to be able to speak on the official TEDxEde Stage. We never could imagine that this would become such a memorable evening. Not only for ourselves, but also for the fourteen contenders that were on the stage on the evening of June 15th.

At the beginning of the evening fourteen nervous speakers arrived at the official venue of TEDxEde, De ReeHorst, and had a first glance at the big stage. The stage where they would later that evening be giving a pitch of just four minutes in which they would try to impress the audience and win their vote. At the same time the audience was arriving and to our great delight we felt the same energy that we felt at the main event. And this was just the start of a stunning evening.

The speakers took to the stage, giving what they had at that moment. Various talks from various individuals of all ages. And with each pitch it became more difficult for the audience to choose and people ‘complained’ on social media. At last the voting began. Very exiting! All the speakers came back on stage, and of course they had to take a group’s selfie while the audience voted for their favourite speaker. During the counting of the votes a TED video was played. And based on the reactions of the audience, it’s a video we could recommend you to watch.

Finally the winner was announced and Tako Rietveld, a former ‘JeugdJournaal’-reporter was chosen as the winner by the audience and earned a spot on the big TEDxEde Stage on October 28th.  Next to Tako, the TEDxEde-team was so impressed with the Spoken Word Poetry by David Reitsma that he was given a wild card and will also be giving a talk at the main event.

With a much-needed drink we closed off a wonderful evening. Not only did we find two great additions to the list of speakers for the main event, but also it was the next perfect step in direction of the main event in October.

We’re currently working on an amazing Event, with the most inspiring speakers, which should be an awesome experience. We invite you to register for a place in the audience and maybe we can welcome you on October 28th. We’re looking forward to it, thanks to the energy from our first TEDxEde Open Stage.

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