A TED Talk is a unique opportunity to spread ideas all over the world. With millions of people watching TED Talks daily, it’s a dream of many people to give the talk of their lives on a TED stage. Well guess what? On the 15th of June 2015 we will be giving 15 people a chance to make that happen!

TEDxEde Open Stage offers the chance of earning a spot on the official TEDxEde 2015 stage on October 28th. The contestants will have to give a 4-minute pitch presenting their idea. The audience will vote on which of the 15 pitches will be chosen as a speaker at the TEDxEde 2015. 


We are overwhelmed with the amount of applications we've received. The following speakers are selected to give a 4-minute pitch at the TEDxEde Open Stage 2015: 

  • Anita Brinkman 
  • Bart te Riele
  • Carola Rodrigues
  • David Reitsma
  • Elske van de Fliert
  • Frank de Bruyn
  • Irma Lohman
  • Jan van Rijnbach
  • Lambert Berend Hop
  • Mariëlle Hoogenboom
  • Merel Disselkoen
  • Naveed Taniwal
  • Paul Imthorn
  • Pim Sonnenberg
  • Tako Rietveld