Wilfred Genee

Dutch TV Sports Host Wilfred Genee wrote a book on healthy food for kids, together with his wife Lili. This book was the start of the couples intense journey to help make football canteens serve healthier food...

Jaap Korteweg 

Creator of 'The Vegetarische Slager'. Vegetarians, foodies, chefs and culinairy journalists alike: they all love his vegetarian meat. Jaap will be sharing his inspiring thoughts on food with us.


Kaouthar Darmoni

Talk: 'Dare to be Feminine for Guts Sake!'

Why do we want to masculinize women and feminize men? Why do we prize the power of the brain and mock the power of the guts?

Kaouthar is the founder of Feminine Capital & Goddess Dance organisation.  She is also Assistant Professor in Gender Capital & Media at the University of Amsterdam, and a proliferous speaker about Feminine & Masculine Capital.


Marleen van der Loo

Can we create happiness? Is it possible to put love in our pockets and hold on to it? 

Singer and actress Marleen van der Loo gives you a musical, funny but also intimate insight into her life. She’ll be accompanied on piano by her brother, composer and writer Stijn van der Loo, composer of the music

Brenno de Winter

Brenno de Winter

Dutch research journalist Brenno de Winter specializes in IT-security and privacy. He writes for several magazines, verticals, news websites and e-zines. 

With great commitment he makes sure that Dutch companies and governments are up to par on their security and privacy measures.

Drees Peter van den Bosch

Born into a farming family he went to study at Wageningen University. After ten years at Unilever he teamed up with Willem Treep and started the wonderful Willem&Drees in 2009.

Drees will be talking about the meaning of food in his life and share his vision of how all of our lives are influenced by food.

Angelique Schmeinck

Angelique Schmeinck

Angelique Schmeinck is one of the two female master chefs in the Netherlands. She is much more than a chef however. She writes, presents, inspires, investigates, gives advice and cooks in her hot air balloon restaurant...all with and about her favourite topic: taste. In her TED talk Angélique will take you on an adventurous trip to discover the taste of inspiration, creativity and experience!

Johan Snel

Talk: 'There's No Such a Thing as Free Speech, So Stop Worrying & Enjoy Your Life'


Irene Koel

"A good reason to loose some weight", Irene thought when we booked her for this TedXEde. That would be a first, because she hasn't followed a diet once in her life. In her taste of life, dieting isn't an option. Irene will share with us some of her experience working for several foodcompanies when she worked in advertising and marketing. How temptation works or should work, the struggle of innovation and the importance of being yourself.

With or without some pounds.


Anna Jochemsen

Talktopic: 'My life as a disabled athlete and in which way this is influenced by food'

Athlete of the Year Ede 2013


Robert Doornenbal

If even a church can change, then there is hope for this world!

Faiza Oulahsen

Faiza Oulahsen

Talktopic: 'The usefulness and necessity of campaigning. The added value of being a witness and showing the world what is going on.'


Pablo Tittonell

Pablo Tittonell is professor 'Farming Systems Ecology' at Wageningen University and one of most famous experts in the field of agriculture and ecology. Tittonell advocates intensification of agriculture, by making optimal use of natural processes and the landscape. Only this way is it possible to meet the growing demand for food. His chair group focuses on analyzing, evaluating and designing agro-ecological,organic and other low-input farming systems.

Arthur Tolsma 

Talk: 'Startups & Downs' 

How success and failure are sometimes closer together than you think.

Arthur Tolsma is entrepreneur, coach, trainer, speaker and presenter. As an entrepreneur he experienced both the ups and downs of the (startup) life in extremis. In his lectures he is open about his failures and mistakes, so that others learn the life lessons that he learned the hard way.

Anne Theunis

Anne Teunis

Talktopic: 'Celebrate life!'


Peter Barendse 

Stop. That is what my kidneys told me nearly two years ago. And from that moment on, my life, my taste of life, changed. What didn't change, was the sometimes incredible kind of attention of people around me. Non-stop. What would you do? Let's go sailing....


Dick Lunenborg

Talktopic: 'Why Inclusion matters' 

Ben Witteman

Ben Witteman

Talktopic: 'Nutrition and health'

The announced speakers are subject to change.