Antonie Fountain - It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine

Elisa Krijgsman & Maaike van Zuilekom - Music: an original cliché

 Marc de Hond - What could be wrong with monogamy?

Daphne Depassé - Unscrew the system in a blissful way

Bart de Koning - A better way to win the war on drugs

Heidi de Gier - A Falling Horizon

 Steven van Belleghem - What if customers become friends?

Monique Samuel - Let's bake a chocolate chip cookie

Gert van der Vijver - Zandtasia

 Stefan Paas - Arts, church and sports

 Wijbe Abma - How to end up in Syria's warzones, by accident

Sanderijn van der Doef - Children and sexuality: protection or education?

 Marco Verhoeven - Realizing memories

Pier Vellinga - Climate change: thirty years of history and future prospects

Tom Schipper (composer), Juul Henkens & Liesje Bakker (choreographers & dancers)

Albert Wissink - Selling high quality vocal education to children and parent

Susanne Winnubst - Do I pass?