Wilfred Genee - Awareness, Choices, Freedom

TV Sports Host Wilfred Genee wrote a book on healthy food for kids, together with his wife Lili. This book was the start of the couples intense journey to help make football canteens serve healthier food.

Irene Koel - Play, Change, Grow as Leader

Irene Koel was born and raised in the world of advertising and crossed over to product development and innovation because she was annoyed by products that lacked value. Now she chairs a creative tank that helps companies be creative and teaches at Eindhovens Design Academy.

Jaap Korteweg - I am a Vegetarian Butcher

Entrepreneur Jaap Korteweg is the creator of 'The Vegetarische Slager', a producer of high quality meat substitutes. Vegetarians, foodies, chefs and culinairy journalists alike: they all love his vegetarian meat.

Marleen van der Loo - A taste of Life

Actress, dancer, singer and musical star Marleen van der Loo has starred in all the great Musicals, such as Evita, Mamma Mia and Cats and many films and TV-productions. Marleen is an acclaimed teacher in several acting, singing and dancing disciplines. She’ll be accompanied on piano by her brother, composer and writer Stijn van der Loo, who composed the music for her “Talk”.

Pablo Tittonell - Feeding the world with Agroecology

Pablo Tittonell is professor 'Farming Systems Ecology' at Wageningen University and one of the worlds most famous experts in the field of agriculture and ecology. He advocates intensification of agriculture by making optimal use of natural processes and the landscape to meet the worlds growing demand for food.

Peter Barendse - My mother gave life to me, twice 

Manager at the Netherlands Institute for Sport and Physical Activity Peter Barendse commits himself to stimulate youth to take part in sports. Peter shares the impact of his kidney transplant on his view on life.

Faiza Oulahsen - Activism can make a difference

Greenpeace activist Faiza Oulahsen was imprisoned in Russia on the accusation of piracy when she sailing the Arctic Sunrise to draw attention to Arctic oilwinning.

Angelique Schmeink - The Flavour of Life and the art of looking Sideways

Angelique Schmeinck is one of the two female Master Chefs in the Netherlands. She is much more than a chef however. She writes, presents in a TV cooking program, inspires, investigates, gives advice and cooks in her hot air balloon restaurant...all with and about her favourite topic: taste.

Brenno de Winter - Balance between Innovation and Privacy

Research journalist Brenno de Winter specializes in IT-security and privacy. He writes for several magazines, news websites and e-zines. With great commitment he makes sure that Dutch companies and governments are up to par on their security and privacy measures.

Dick Lunenborg - Is Technology a way to Overcome Limitations? - TEDxEde 2014 

Dick Lunenborg began his career teaching in primary education. Observing the under-utilization of technology in the classroom, he developed an interest in technology and its different applications in enhancing education. Dick is assistive technology specialist at Bartimeus, that aims to improve the quality of life for the blind and visually impaired.

Kaouthar Darmoni - Dare to be feminine for guts sake!

Kaouthar Darmoni is the founder of Feminine Capital & Goddess Dance organisation. She is also Assistant Professor in Gender Capital & Media at the University of Amsterdam and a proliferous speaker about Feminine Capital.

Ben Witteman - Surgery is top sport for the Patient

Professor Doctor Ben Witteman is gastrointestinal liver physician at Gelderse Vallei Hospital and associate professor Nutrition and gut health in integrated care at Wageningen University. He knows how food influences our health.

Drees Peter van den Bosch - The Face of Food

Foodentrepreneur Drees Peter van den Bosch is one half of the duo that started Willem&Drees, a foodcompany that brings harvest straight from farmers to local supermarkets. Drees was elected for the Duurzame Top 100 again this year

Johan Snel - There's no such thing as free speech

Historian and journalist Johan Snel is Research fellow in Media, Religion & Public Sphere and Senior Lecturer of Journalism at Ede’s Christian University of Applied Sciences. He wrote the book Recht van Spreken on the freedom of speech.

Anna Jochemsen - The Taste of Excitement

Alpine skier Anna Jochemsen was Ede’s Athlete of the Year 2013 and part of the Dutch paralympics team in Sochi in March 2014. She combines her topsport career with an education, and studies Food and Health at Wageningen University.

Robert Doornenbal - If even the church can change, then there is hope

Senior Lecturer Theology at Christian University of Applied Sciences Robert Doornenbal researches topics in the fields of theology & culture, and worldview & science. Robert shares how one initiative of generosity, amplified by wise leadership, can inspire a whole community to put love and justice in action.