Tango La Zapada | Birkit Wildenburg and Muzaffer Demiray

Argentine Tango is at foremost a social couples dance based on improvisation. One leader, one follower, both of them following the music. Dancers communicate physically and therefore the tango can be looked upon as a language. And when that language is placed in the right setting, with the right
music, it's like poetry.

Once a criminal, always a criminal, that’s the question | Floris van Delft

Why is it that we’re fascinated by fear and how fear works? The crime rate keeps dropping, but our feeling of insecurity becomes stronger. What is the effect if you know or don’t know if your neighbour has committed a crime? Floris will be asking us of we have lost our faith in the ability of people to change their lives or their habits. Once a criminal, always a criminal, that’s the question.

Why everyone lies to himself and to others? | Daan Heerma van Voss

Everyone lies to himself and to others. In short, we lie to find out whom we really are. The distinction between the truth and a lie is a very thin line. The world consists of many versions of the truth where one man’s lie is the other man’s truth. Daan as a writer will be explaining to us his view on what is fiction and what is the truth.

Women and men are equal in whichever sport they play | Vera Pauw

Equality and what does it mean? Which hurtles do you have to overcome and which perseverance is needed to overcome gender segregation? Vera's idea is that women and men are equal in whichever sport they play. She will be speaking from her experience in the football world, which is her life and esspeciality and about the huge role sport has in the emancipation of young girls and women.

Disappearance of a 50.000 Egyptian Army | Olaf Kaper

Ever heard the story about the Persian king Cambyses who sent his army of 50,000 men into the desert and they never came back? They supposedly just disappeared. This is one of the great mysteries which Olaf has solved.

Live Performance | NesaRu Tricking Team

Nesaru is a Tricking team, introducing us to a relatively new and unknown sport called Tricking. Tricking is a mixture sport taken from martial arts such as Taekwondo, KungFu, Capoeira and acrobatics such as gymnastics and breakdancing. But unlike these sports, Tricking has no formal rules, regulations or governing bodies that regulate the sport, allowing participants to express themselves with their own moves, making it a unlimited, free and spectacular sport.

Diagnose and treat sickness via your smartphone | Mauk den Boer

Smartphones are being used by millions of people around the globe. Just think what it would mean if we could use them to diagnose and treat sickness. Mauk will be explaning how this works.

How a child’s imagination can fight prejudice | Anne Glick

Over millions of years humans have learned to be wary of things that feel foreign, to back away rather than approach. In Anne's view, in our globalized world, this is no longer a smart instinct. World citizens of the future will be happier and more successful when they can fight prejudice.

Live Music Performance | Vince Watson & Metofa

Many in the music industry think of passion as an in-the-moment thing, as a sudden, short-lived burst of energy. To Vince Watson, it has always been a long and winding road. Every step of the way, the Glaswegian, now living in Amsterdam, has chosen his next move deliberately and with utmost care, arriving at an equally diverse and focused discography. His music is a seamless blend of beguiling soundscapes, crystaline piano-pulses, anthemic synth-melodies and 70s krautrock-moods.

Spoken Word Poetry | David Reitsma

What is the power of words and how can you use them to communicate in another style to influence and take people to a different experience level. David will be taking us on a journey with his Spoken Word Poetry so that we can experience the power of words and poetry in another manner.

Does political dialogue help to reduce violence in conflict situations | Fleur Ravenbergen

What is it like to engage with armed groups, rebels, freedom fighters and terrorists? People who kill, torture, bomb or fight. Fleur will be sharing with us what it is like to talk to these people? What are they like? They have a sense of humour, a family, a belief, someone’s father, daughter, brother or friend, and they have feelings. Are they different than what we are? The answer is simple yet significant.

How to create a positive self image for teenage girls | Titia Hoogendoorn

What is the influence of the outside world, such as the various media channels, on the lives of young teenage girls - negative and positive? In Titia's view a positive self-image is not dependent on who is dumber, uglier or stranger than you. The time is right, so take your own responsibility now and present yourself as you are via social media.

Adventures in discovering lost Nazi art | Arthur Brand

Rediscovering looted or supposedly lost art objects is one of the key objectives why Arthur Brand often goes undercover, endangering himself. As an art historian Arthur will be talking about his recent adventure in discovering lost Nazi art including the works that were ordered by and made for Hitler himself. For him, the most important thing is not punishing the people that do this but getting the art back.

Live Performance | Denise Jannah

Jazz as never heard before. Denise is one of the few jazz singers at the moment that stands out of the crowd with her beautiful voice. She will be performing for the occasion a new jazz composition based on the TEDxEde theme.


How to create more vibrant collective public spirit among all citizens | Wasima Khan

Why is it that in many countries only immigrants are required to take a citizenship oath? In The Netherlands we use to have a constitutional citizenship oath that does not exist anymore. In her talk Wasima hopes to convince us that we should revive the citizenship oath for all of us, which could lead to a more vibrant collective public spirit among all of the citizens.

It is time for Ecomodernism | Hidde Boersma

It is time to revitalize the green revolution , It is time for a new  movement, it is time for  ecomodernism. Ecomodernist believe that intensive agriculture, large scale urbanisation and investments in high tech green energy are the only way to combine a green planet with a prosperous planet. Hidde will try to enlighten us on how we get there and what this will mean for our society.

Listen to the Children | Tako Rietveld

Listen to the children. Children inspire, surprise, make you think and make you smile. They have stories to tell about what we are doing with their lives, countries and the world. With Tako’s help, we can learn from the children and act on it!