War changes soldiers | Esmeralda Kleinreesink

When I returned home from a deployment to Afghanistan, I had been transformed. Not in a good way: I was quickly startled at loud noises and suddenly spending fortunes on speeding tickets. I will take you on a personal and scientific quest to find out how common such a transformation is.

Act | Colour Collective

Colour Collective created an interesting performance in the context of the TEDxEde Event Theme: Transformation in the Valley. We can look out for something extraordinary and unexpected as creativity is in the DNA of Colour Collective

Pushing the boundaries of self-driving vehicles | Koen Lekkerkerker

Everyone seems to talk about self-driving vehicles these days. But not many people can say that they are actually doing it. Those who do, like Tesla, are closely followed by media to cover any kind of failure. One thing is certain, making cars self-driving will both require and cause huge transformations in the world as we know it. How are we going to deal with these changes? What discussions, laws, and technological breakthroughs will be needed to let this transformation happen smoothly? Let’s see if we can find out during my TEDx Talk!

If Lehman brothers were Lehman sisters | Irene van Staveren

I will explain why women's financial behaviour is less likely to lead to severe crises than men's. If Lehman Brothers were Lehman Sisters, the damage of the 2008 financial crisis would have been less due to three key gender differences in financial behaviour. The lesson is to stop rewarding stereotype masculine behaviour in three key areas in banks.

Security politics: Un-thinging the Internet-of-Things | Wolter Pieters

With our washing machines and thermostats connected to the Internet, should we be worried about hackers? I will show that the underlying issue is broader: providing others access to our “things”, thereby turning them into services that reduce our own control. Security policies decide who is a threat and who isn’t.

Act | Abigail Martina

Although Abigail knows how to play the piano and sings all the right notes, there is something more important than that, and that is that she wants to touch people with her music and show everyone there still is love and hope. The best way to deliver this message is through music.

Transforming the bad into something good | Mehtap Ocek

I wasn’t born with my physical disability, it was forced on me because of cancer. In my talk I want to take you on a trip down my memory lane to tell you how the illness and disability transformed me in the bad, but also in the good ways. 

Watering the grass at it’s roots: transforming the economic paradigm | Madadh MacLaine

What is on offer now, in terms of economic empowerment and therefore self-determination, often comes at the cost of sacrificing indigenous cultures. I liken this to our loss of bio-diversity. In many cases we don’t appreciate what we’re losing until it’s too late. To empower indigenous cultures you need to go to where they are; physically, mentally and spiritually.

The carnivore effect – from fairy tales to reality | Tim Hofmeester

I will show which little known carnivore species live around the corner. People often fear these animals, while there is no reason to be afraid. I will give some examples of how carnivores maintain a balance in natural systems and how they can reduce disease risk.

Act | Omnifarious

Omnifarious accepted the challenge to create a unique and creative performance in the context of the TEDxEde theme "Transformation in the Valley"

Nature already adapts to climate change. What about you? | Arnold van Vliet

Arnold van Vliet helps society to adapt to climate change. He is a biologists at Wageningen University and involves thousands of people in the monitoring of climate change impacts on plants and animals. He is also specialised in communicating news on nature to society, e.g. via www.naturetoday.com.

From shame to gain: the importance of changing mental health discourse | Esther van Duin

Esther's power TEDx Talk will change the way you look at mental health and shame. Having lived it, she argues that it was this omnipresent experience of shame that held her back. By refusing yourself to be stigmatized you can transform your shame into the key to your own happiness.

Act | Liminous Blue

Luminous Blue performed a special act for TEDxEde, Glad it is now autumn and we are finally allowed to play the song. Authumn is about Transformation as it transforms the summer into winter.

Why is everything sustainable except our education? | Dirceu da Silva

Did you know that most graduated students are not ready for the workplace?

Dirceu will explain why innovation in education is necessary to better prepare students for the job market and for life in general. And I will show how more skill based teaching could benefit not only the students but also the corporate world and even society.

Hunting wildlife traffickers - passion and activism in conservation | Ofir Drori

The animal that transformed me is a baby chimpanzee I had rescued from a trafficker and became a father and mother to.  I was an adventurer turned into an activist, spending years in the  most remote areas of the African bush living with isolated tribes crossing thousands of kilometers on foot, with my camel, horse, canoe and so on. On the way I have been an educator, photographer, volunteer in humanitarian operations and a journalist.

Animals have the power transform us, they touch our hearts, they light passion in us, passion that can move us to action, it has the power to make us better human beings.

How a challenge can change your life | Hans Bouscholte

Picture two men in a tiny boat on the vast Atlantic Ocean. They have nothing but some food, medicines and a satellite phone. Apart from the constant rolling waves and clouds sailing by overhead, there is nothing to be seen for miles around. Finally, the storm dissipates and calmness returns to the sea and the boat. On the dawn of their fifteenth day at sea, the sailors see the most beautiful sight they could ever wish for, the contours of a twenty meter yacht sailing towards them. The Talk is about the transformation process you are going through during an adventure at sea.