In 2014 a dedicated team of eight volunteers organized TEDxEde 2015. With a lot of inspiration and high expectations. It was quite a challenge to organize such an event with a team that has fulltime ‘day jobs’. That’s why the 2015 edition has been executed with a larger team to be “bigger, better, more professional and inspiring” with a wonderful extended team.

With pride we present TEDxEde team 2016

We have a core team and designated sub-teams for the various activities that are needed to organize the event. The volunteers have in common that they are all inspiring, passionate about TEDx, professional and prepared to go the extra mile for the most fantastic TEDxEde 2016. 

Core team 

Matthijs Hazeleger – Chairman
Edwin Roobol – Vice Chairman and Team Lead MarCom
Matthijs Hazeleger –  Partnership Manager
Afranina Oostendarp – Event Manager
Chinny Bomers – Speakers ManagerAfranina Oostendarp – Event Manager
Inke Swart – Project Manager

Speaker team

Chinny Bomers
Arthur Tolsma
Astrid Mensink
Brian van den Bos
Eveline Ruienberg
Astrid Mensink
Hilde de Laat
Jettie van den Houdt
Joliene Lugtigheid
Sander Timmerman
Sylvia Bochem
Eppie van Beek
Wilma van Tuyl

Partnership team

Matthijs Hazeleger
Ward van Beek
Paul Jeene
Fius van Laar
Linda Lex  

Event team 

Afranina Oostendarp
Marianne Hazeleger
Natascha Roobol

MarCom team

Edwin Roobol
Jantine Stegeman
Marieke van den Brink
Dennis Winkel
Andre Schaap
Onnika van Oosterbosch
Engeline Roggeveen
Monique ten Klooster
Amanda Hol

Technical team 

Martin van Rikxoort