We’ve given much thought about which theme would fit the ideas that we want to spread in October. With the theme WanTED we want to present the slightly more outrageous ideas – Extreme, Exclusive & Essential. This may sound a bit vague. We’ll try to explain


Naturally the theme has an extreme edge. Consider a strong desire which leads to extreme behavior.  Obsessive desire. Crime is an example or going to the limits to acquire that one medal or reward.


The perfect designer’s handbag. The best football player. The desire to own that practically unreachable product that only the chosen few have.


Needed. Necessary. Can’t do without. Searching for acknowledgement and becoming completely dependent on something or someone. You can’t live without that one thing otherwise life isn’t worth living.

These three sub-themes all have a search in common. For the positive, the negative, the desire to own. All of them are WanTED. Welcome to TEDxEde 2015!