TEDxEde Theme 2016: Transformation in the Valley


The world is moving and globalization is impacting everyone around us. Change is happening everywhere affecting everyone in organizations, governments and in the context of our private lives. Change requires people, organizations, governments and regions to adapt and startups and young people challenge existing rules and business models. TEDxEde 2016 is proud to provide a stage for Ideas Worth Spreading, from within the region as well as outside the region, which drive Transformation in the Valley.

Personal Transformation


Transformation can happen on various levels. Personal Transformation can be triggered by internal motivation, but also by external influences and factors that are not always controlled by the individual. One thing is clear: Personal Transformation needs courage, flexibility and an open mindset to adapt.

Economical and Social Transformation


Enterprises have ambition to facilitate innovation in order to stay ahead. The world is becoming more global and exactly this globalization has its impact on enterprises, however also on the individuals. And it is all about choices. People and organizations have to embrace this change. One thing is for sure Transformation is happening everywhere for everyone and it has an impact on our social and economical environment.

Ecological Transformation


The speed of change is enormous and it is impacting the Valley. The Valley is known for its knowledge and long lasting connection to nature. Exactly this knowledge connects the Valley with the world and this is utilized to create a sustainable world.


Innovation and Transformation


Innovation and new ideas are required to stay connected to the pace of change. Thinking differently and challenging boundaries are facilitating Transformation. Exactly these innovations motivate TEDxEde to spread innovations and new ideas in order to make these great ideas accessible for everyone, spark conversation and facilitate Transformation in the Valley on the 27th of October.